Thais Eliasen


Thais Eliasen PR Consulting

My background in Public Relations started growing up watching my dad who is passionate about PR & mom, a detailed creative boss with a degree in Journalism make our simple living extraordinary. I learned in the grounds of Brazilian dirt, green grasses, beaches, in the warm solo of Africa, & since 2008 here in the United States that it is within our communities, giving & receiving that we are made whole, both individually & as corporations. This is my business philosophy & how through my eyes the world goes round.

I’m a believer, Purple Belt in jiu-jitsu, multi-tasker & problem solver. I love the beach, trying new foods, traveling, my Yorkie Muffin & bunnies Oreo & Lola, yet the very best of it all is being a mother to four beautiful children, sharing life with my husband Alexandre.